Lockbox Service Solutions

Lockbox Service Solutions

Is your business getting bogged down handling incoming payments? Encore Bank lockbox services offer a convenient way to manage these receivables. This state of the art processing technology is designed to handle customers of all types. At Encore Bank, we understand the demands payment processing can put on any business. With our lockbox service solutions, you get a streamlined approach saving your company time and money. Utilizing our lockbox services companies can increase productivity, decrease potential for fraud and improve overall cash flow. Additionally, we provide our customers with detailed reporting on all transactions giving business owners easily accessible snapshots of their finances.


A convenient and paperless solution to collect receivables through a post office box. Deposits are then made directly to your Encore Bank checking account. Copies of all items are available if needed.


Clients in the medical field can take advantage of our image-based solution to have accurate and up-to-date information on all payments being made, including EOBs, at their fingertips.

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